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Why Filter Bag Dust Leakage And Drop?
Jun 13, 2018

Due to some reasons, the filter bag dust leakage and bag drop will directly affect the application effect of the bag dust collector and make the emission not up to the standard. So what is the cause of these failures?

1. The equipment seal is not up to the standard: the bag dust collector is composed of the upper box and the hopper of the clean air chamber, in which the inspection door and the joint of the upper box and the hopper are connected by screws. If the connection operation for the addition of seals or seals not up to standard, will cause dust leakage.

2, the filter speed is too high: the filter material of the bag filter is generally divided into two kinds: normal temperature and high temperature filter material. The normal temperature filter speed is controlled within 1.0-2.0m/min, and the high temperature filter speed should be controlled between 0.8-1m/min. If the filter speed is too high, the adhesion force of dust on the filter bag surface will be too strong. The dust rapidly adhered to the surface of the cloth bag after the pulse ejection, which increased the resistance of the dust removal equipment and caused the phenomenon of dust leakage.

3. Improper selection of dust-removing bag: as an important component of dust-removing equipment, dust filter bag plays an irreplaceable role in the filtration process of dust-removing equipment. If the weight of dust filter bag is insufficient or the density is too small, the dust of the bag dust removal equipment will leak out, which will lead to the dust removal equipment not up to standard.


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