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Why Did Filter Bag Drop From The Bag House?
Jun 14, 2018

First, the hole of the bag dust collector: the hole of the bag filter is made by stamping and using die stamping. The large bag filter board is made by numerical control equipment with high precision. However, some manufacturers use manual cutting holes in the manufacture. The precision is far from reaching the equipment. There is no smooth hole in the edge of the hole. There is no barrier in a circle. The regularity of the circle also causes the expansion ring of the dust bag not to be completely opened or opened excessively. Or circular irregular in the expansion circle open ellipsoid is the main reason for the bag.


Second, the use of dust filter bag snap ring size error, this rarely occurs, the general probability is very small. These two are the main reason for the dust filter bag falling. The process rationality and correctness of dust removing bag should be ensured in the process of producing dust removing bag. In the process of customizing the dust-removing bag, the material of the bag should be determined first, and the size of the tube plate in the dust collector should be followed. According to the thickness of needle felt, dust bag head fittings such as table strip, rubber ring thickness and sewing technology, the dust filer bag which can firmly fasten the diameter of the tube plate can be calculated in detail to ensure that the dust filter bag does not fall out.


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