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Where Is The Reason Why The Pressure Difference Between The Inlet And Outlet Of The Dust Collector Is Too High?
Mar 02, 2018

What is the reason why the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the pulse bag filter and cloth bag filter is too high? How do we deal with this situation? After our analysis, summarized as follows, for your reference.

1. If the parameters of pulse injection system are not set properly, the soot removal effect of bag dust remover is poor. If the time interval of pulse injection is too short, the pressure of compressed air is too low; the tension of filter bag will be reduced. The dust accumulation on the filter bag is too thick. The parameters of the pulse injection system should be reset.

2. If the dust concentration of the system is too high, the filter wind speed of the filter bag is too high, which will lead to the high pressure difference of the filter bag. The dust removal load of the bag filter and the filter speed of the filter material should be reduced properly, that is, the filter area should be increased. Reduce filtration speed of filter media.

3, the dust gas is too high, and the system has not taken any heat preservation and insulation measures, which makes the temperature difference between the dust in the pipeline and pulse bag dust collector and the outside environment larger, and the condensation of water vapor in the process of heat exchange occurs. Increase the humidity and viscosity of dust, heat insulation measures should be taken.

4, the dust bag materials and dust characteristics do not match, resulting in partial pore clogging. For the dust with high concentration, small particle size, high humidity and viscosity, the film mulching bag should be selected.

Pulse bag filter has the advantages of good cleaning effect, high purification efficiency, large amount of gas treatment, long life of filter bag, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation, but the pulse control system is more complicated, and the level of maintenance and management is higher. Compressed air is required, and when the supplied compressed air pressure can not meet the requirements, ash removal effect will be greatly reduced.

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