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What Do You Need To Know About High Temperature Exhaust Gas Dust Removal?
Apr 14, 2018

The exhaust gas emitted from various industrial furnaces in metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and electric industries is not only high temperature, but also contains a large amount of dust and harmful gases, which is one of the main factors causing environmental pollution.At high temperature, the viscous force of waste gas is changed greatly, the humidity is greatly decreased, and the phenomenon of fine particle aggregation is greatly reduced, so it is very difficult to separate the fine particles.The bag dust collector can not withstand the high temperature of exhaust gas, the wet dust collection can not make its heat energy can be comprehensively utilized, and the electrostatic dust collection has the problems of high one-time investment, large area of occupation and insulation, etc.At present, most of the treatment methods of high temperature dust-containing waste gas in our country are through water condensation, reducing the high temperature exhaust gas to about 200 ℃, and then using cloth bag dust collector to remove dust, which not only increases the investment and operation cost of condensing equipment, but also causes a large amount of heat energy loss.Therefore, the new high-temperature exhaust gas dedusting technology is an important subject in urgent need of development.

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