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What Are The Quality And Factors Related To Industrial Filter Cloth?
Aug 29, 2017

  What are the quality and factors related to industrial filter cloth? Poor filter cloth is very likely to have a great impact on filtering products. Let us make a clear understanding of the following content.

  The selection of filter cloth is very important for the filtration effect, and the filter cloth plays a key role in the use of the plate-frame filter press. Its performance is good or bad, the selection of the right or not directly affect the filtering effect. Industrial Filter Cloth is currently used in the filter cloth is the most common synthetic fiber by weaving cloth, according to the different materials can be divided into polyester, Vinylon, polypropylene, nylon and several other. In order to achieve the interception effect and filtration speed are more ideal, in the selection of filter cloth, also need to be based on the size of slurry, density, chemical composition and filtration process conditions to choose.

  Because of the different material and method of the filter cloth, the strength, elongation, permeability and thickness are different, which affects the filtration effect. In addition, the filter media include cotton cloth, non-woven fabric, screen, filter paper and microporous membrane, according to the actual filter requirements.

  Determination of breaking strength and breaking elongation of filter cloth

  The breaking strength and elongation of the filter cloth is a very important index to characterize the filtration Buchula performance. In many filtration equipment, filter cloth must withstand a certain pull. such as vacuum belt filter used on the filter cloth, not only requires a good wear-resistant filter cloth, but also requires a high tensile strength and good geometrical dimensional stability. The filter cloth is subjected to a larger tensile force when working on this filtering device, and if its tensile strength and dimensional stability are poor, the warp and weft contraction will not work properly. The filter cloth used on the plate-frame press filter and the box filter press with extrusion process requires not only good tensile properties but also good elasticity, so that the filter cloth can have a long life. The elastic strength of the filter cloth can be seen from the curve of the breaking elongation of the filter cloth during the tensile process.

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