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What Are The Check Points For Bag House?
May 31, 2018

1. Duct: any corrosion, leak, or any external breakage. Check for loose bolts, welding cracks and ash deposits in any part (mainly flat pipe, variable diameter).

2. Electromagnetic / pulse valve: correct operation.

3. Pressure-reducing valve: leakage of air. Notice if there is any debris inside the pressure reducing valve.

4. Fan: ensure that fan installation is firm and level, regular refueling. Pay attention to the accumulation of dust on the leaves.

5. Compressed air system: check that the compressor is properly lubricated. Check for cracks in the gas tank and pipe; pay attention to the pressure indication of the pressure regulating valve (if installed. Check whether the air compressor and the air tank discharge water.

6. Overhaul door: all repair doors should be sealed firmly. Check for loose, broken or worn seals. Replace as needed.

7. Import / Guide Plate: check for excessive wear or corrosion.

8. Air flow regulator and lift valve: check that the injector (if needed) is working properly.



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