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Wear Resistance And Type Requirements Of Filter Bags
Aug 29, 2017

  Wear resistance and type requirements of filter bags

  Filter bag in the process of the use of its size stable performance, the product in the standard temperature glass fiber itself will not shrink, filter bag dust easy to peel, yarn filter cloth can be to a certain extent effectively improve its filtration speed and filtration efficiency.

  Filter bag very high temperature and wear resistance, in the use of the process can be very good waterproof and oil, products can be better used in the major areas, the liquid after the filter bag flow outside the process, will directly these particles or impurities in the bag.

  Filter bag through this kind of pressure filtration can effectively play a good filtration effect, such a filter bag is a filter products, containing the main filtration system, respectively, filter container, filter bag, support basket, etc., is also through this pressure filtration, thus better to complete this filtering work.

  Filter bag of different types, in the use and operation of the industry will also be a certain difference, liquid filter bags Such products have a lot of advantages, such products can not only prevent the use of labels in the product is ink on the filtrate pollution.

  Filter Bag Filter range is very wide, its filtration accuracy is between 0.5 microns to 300 microns, such products in the paint, food, ink and chemical industries and products widely used, such products can also be reused, so it will not cause its waste phenomenon.

  Filter bag is also a kind of dust bag, in the process of the use of its biggest feature is easy to clear ash, in the use of the process has a high intensity of corrosion-resistant function, the entire product area is also very extensive, can be used in chemical industry and power plants and other industries.

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