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Wear Of Bag Top In Dust-removing Bag
Sep 03, 2018

The wear of the bag top was mostly within the 400mm of the bag mouth, and the damage trace was mostly from the inside out. The main reason for this kind of wear is that the compressed air of pulse backblowing deviates from the center of the filter bag and directly scour the sidewall of the filter bag. Under the constant scour of the deflected compressed air, the inner side layer of the filter bag is first blown off by compressed air, then the base cloth is blown out, and finally the filter surface is also blown out. When one side of the filter bag is damaged, the resistance of the damaged area decreases, and the dust smoke gas rapidly enters from the damaged place, scouring the damaged place diagonally, forming a new hole and a new inlet of the dust containing smoke gas, and the increasing number of holes eventually results in the annular damage of the bag mouth. In severe cases, even the bag head and bag body are separated. This kind of damage is mainly caused by high pressure of compressed air, skew of short pipe and deformation of floral plate. Once this kind of wear is found, it should be checked or repaired before changing into a new cloth bag.

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