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The Wear Resistance Of Filter Cloth Is One Of The Important Indexes Of Service Life.
Aug 29, 2017

  The wear resistance of the filter cloth is one of the important indexes for the service life of filter cloth. In the filter equipment, filter cloth should be used repeatedly, if the wear-resisting performance is poor, the filtration equipment will not achieve the desired efficiency, or even work normally. such as tipping bucket filter, scraper discharge filter surface rotary drum vacuum filter used on the filter cloth need to have good wear resistance; the filter cloth used on the vacuum belt filter requires not only high tensile strength but also good wear resistance, and the filter cloth around the frame of the box or the box of the filter press must have good abrasion resistance. The wear resistance of the filter cloth can be expressed by the minimum grinding breaking and the mass loss of the unit area.

  Physical and chemical stability of filter materials

  In the selection of filter cloth, the material of filter cloth should be selected firstly according to the physicochemical properties of the separating slurry. The selection of filter material should be noted: the actual use of the filter cloth temperature should be lower than the maximum safety of the use of the filter material temperature. When the filter cloth works in the vicinity of the safe use temperature for a long time, and is subjected to certain pulling force, it must consider the possibility of deformation during the use of the material. The chemical stability of the filter cloth in the separation slurry should also be considered. The filter material cannot react with any of the materials in the slurry, and cannot dissolve or swell in slurry. Generally speaking, the natural fiber's acid-reducing performance is poor, the synthetic fiber is much better. Polyester fiber In the synthetic fibers acid-resistant, nylon alkali-resistant, but the chemical stability of polypropylene is very good, it is both acid and resistance, organic acid corrosion resistance than nylon and polyester are better.

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