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The Reason Of Blocking Phenomenon Of Filter Cloth
Aug 29, 2017

  The reason of blocking phenomenon of filter cloth

  Filter cloth If there is a blockage phenomenon, the product filter quality is easy to have a great impact, here we are for you to analyze the reasons.

  Filter cloth filter effect is often determined by the material, the way process, the interface process and so on many factors,

  A, polyester materials: this material in the acidic conditions of the most ideal choice, high temperature (PH value of 1---9 when the temperature is less than 150 degrees), tensile strength and vertical stability, wear resistance after nylon.

  B, polypropylene: good acid and alkali resistance, (ph value 1---13) using temperature less than 90 degrees, but the tensile strength is not high. Most of the overseas filter cloth production Enterprises do not use this material.

  The temperature of the gypsum is 70-80 degrees, as usual ph is between 4-7, as the slurry is drawn from the tower. The filter cloth accepts the high temperature resistance, the alkali resistance is good 100% polyester silk thread to weave the flue gas desulfurization use filter cloth.

  Weaving process: International as usual accepted single silk and complex silk blended satin weaving process, the advantage of this weaving method is that the surface is smooth, the reverse roughness, the size difference between the opening and the back hole.

  The appearance hole is big, the reverse appearance is small, this is easy to intercept the solid, easy to drain, the appearance smooth makes the appearance the solid removal is more efficient. Many filter cloth manufacturers of polyester thread containing polypropylene, not 100% polyester material, filter cloth absorbed in the tower of gypsum slurry temperature, PH value, filter cloth prone to deformation, tearing environment.

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