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The Problem Of Bag Precipitator- The Air Volume Of Bag House Is Too Small
Jul 02, 2018

1.Improper cleaning of dust-removing bags can lead to high pressure drop, which inevitably leads to reduced air volume. Dust bags should be cleaned in offline mode and the fan should be closed for at least 15 minutes. After this time, start the device again. If the pressure drop is still high, the dust collector bag will need to be replaced.


2.Some problems may affect the performance of the fan. The belt may slip, the fan may rotate incorrectly, the inlet or impeller may be in bad condition, or the pressure may be inappropriate due to poor inlet design of the piping system. Any specific problems found should be corrected, and the fan should be re-tested for flow and pressure drop.


3.If the intake duct is blocked , the operation time is too long , or if the pressure loss is too large due to improper connection or improper fitting , the air flow of the system will be affected . The pipe shall be checked regularly and any specific problems shall be corrected as soon as possible .


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