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The Advantages Of Wave Filter Bags
Jan 29, 2018

Compared with the traditional filter bag, the wave filter bag has the following advantages:

1.      Increase the area of filtration and reduce the pressure drop: the filter area is larger on the same volume dust collector, thus increasing the filtration air volume. The air volume remains the same but increases the filter area; the filter wind speed will decrease. Reduce the pressure drop. Long-term low-pressure drop stable operation can reduce fan energy consumption.

2.      2. Reduce wear and increase service life: the length of the pleated filter bag is shorter than that of the other fabric filter bags, which allows for a larger settling space in the original dust collector. It can reduce the chance of wear and tear. The service life of the pleated filter bag is 2-3 times longer than that of the normal 16 oz / 0.45 kg polyester fiber bag.

3.      3. Energy-saving and emission-reducing, high performance-price ratio: average fold distance, effectively improve ash removal efficiency, and save the amount of compressed air used in backblowing. Installation, replacement of folded filter bag is simple and easy to operate, greatly saving labor cost. The ratio of performance to price is higher.

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