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Test Method For Performance Of Dust Filter Bags
Mar 20, 2018

In the field of bag, the bag is usually the heart of bag house.what kind of flue gas dust, mainly used in the manufacture of bag also depends on the chemical fiber itself. So we must understand the inspection method of filter performance, we can choose the most suitable for the dust bag. Dust bag, need verification and testing as follows:

1.    Appearance inspection: punctures, defects, black spots, jumpers, broken wires, joints, etc.

2.       2. Physical properties: such as the unit area weight, thickness, width, fabric density, bulk density, porosity of non-woven fabric, etc.

3.       3. Mechanical properties: such as breaking strength, breaking elongation, longitudinal and weft load elongation of cloth bag, expansion and breaking strength of filter material, etc.

4.       Characteristics of dust filtration: resistance coefficient, static dust removal efficiency, dynamic dust removal efficiency, dynamic resistance of filter material, regeneration resistance coefficient and dust stripping rate, etc.

5.       Special functional properties, such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic properties, hydrophobicity, etc.

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