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Technical Guidance For Cleaning And Cleaning Dust-removing Bags
Mar 16, 2018

How to carry on the cleaning of the dust-removing bag and ash removal:

1. The cleaning of the dust-removing bag should use high frequency vibration to remove as much dust particles as possible from the surface of the filter bag, and it will not affect the tangle fastness of the fiber. Maintain the good peeling resistance of the filter bag.

2. Cleaning the dust-removing bag chemical experiment treatment: extracting the cloth bag sample, using the specialized instrument to test the filter bag oil pollution composition, so as to select the suitable washing raw material, Wash the filter bag to the maximum extent without causing any damage to the filter bag.

 3. Cleaning dust-removing bag cleaning: select suitable washing materials and mix strictly, clean with low temperature water, uniform flow, and moderate strength; there is no mechanical damage to the filter bag.

4. Cleaning and removing dust bag drying: drying the filter bag with hot air around 110 , keeping the size stability of the filter bag, the filter bag does not deform after drying, No retraction.

 5. Cleaning and removing dust bag repair: repair the damaged filter bag caused by use, such as abrasion, whole and so on, ensure a high reuse rate.

6. Clean and remove dust bag detection: use the instrument to check the physical index of the cleaned filter bag, Ensure cleaning quality meets requirements.

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