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Step Of Replacing Filter Bag Of Dust Collector
Jun 21, 2018

1. Make sure that the tube sheet and walls are cleared to remove dust and other debris.

2. Make sure that the used filter bag / bag frame assembly has been removed from the orifice and removed (for users who are currently using the filter bag).

3. Make sure that the filter bag frame is not bent, damaged or burr. 

4. Ensure that the inside of the plate hole is clean to ensure that the grooved coils are accurately sealed with the orifice of the floral plate.

5.Make sure the filter bag frame bayonet joint is securely installed (for two or more keels.

6.Insert the sleeve into the tube sheet and place the metal ring on the tube sheet. Remove the filter bag from the special packing case and install the sleeve. The sleeves are cloth tubes, with openings at both ends, and metal rings sewn at one end



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