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Six Decisive Factors Of Bag Filter And Its Influence
Apr 11, 2018


For a bag filter, the temperature depends on two factors: the first is the maximum temperature of the filter material, the second is that the temperature of the gas must be above the dew point temperature.At present, due to the large selection of glass fiber filter material, the maximum operating temperature can reach 280 ℃. The cooling measures must be taken for the gas above this temperature, and the temperature raising measure must be taken for the gas below the dew point temperature.

2.Processing Smoke Vol.

When the bag dust collector is designed or selected according to the air volume, it is generally not possible to make the filter run in excess of the specified air volume, otherwise, the filter bag is easy to clog, the life is shortened, the pressure loss is greatly increased, and the dust removal efficiency is also reduced.But also can't choose too much air volume, otherwise increase equipment investment and occupation area.Reasonable selection of air flow rate is often based on process conditions and experience.


The operating pressure of bag dust collector is determined according to the static pressure of the device before and after the dust collector and the static pressure value of the fan and the installation position. It is also the design pressure value of the bag dust collector.

4.Outlet dust concentration

The outlet dust concentration refers to the emission concentration of the dust precipitator, which is expressed in the same way as the dust concentration in the inlet. The size of the dust concentration in the outlet should be determined by the local environmental protection requirements or the requirements of the user. The discharge concentration of the bag dust collector can generally be less than 20 g/Nm3.

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