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Several Important Factors Influencing The Service Life Of Filter Bag
Mar 22, 2018

1. Ash cleaning (backblow life longer than pulse)

2. Filtration speed (the higher the filtering speed, the shorter the filter bag life)

3. Structure and design of dust catcher such as the distance between the filter bag and the wall board, and between the filter bag and the filter bag

Spacing, location of inlet and outlet, installation of guide plate, etc.

4. Quality of coal and flue gas produced by boiler containing water, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, oxygen content

The higher the bag life is, the more significant it is.

5. the temperature of flue gas (above 170 ) has a significant effect on the life of cloth bag. The general principle is that the higher the temperature, the shorter the life .Because smoke temperature accelerates the ability of chemicals to react.

6. Dew point temperature and critical temperature (ideally, flue gas temperature is maintained over a life span of 4 years)

Balanced and consistent, less fluctuation. Electronic control measures should be put in place to prevent smoke and cloth bags from being too low or too high.

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