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Selection Of Filter Bag
Jul 16, 2018

Generally, for the dust-containing gas with small water content and no acid, it can be selected according to its temperature. At normal temperature or less than 130 ℃, the polyester needle felt of 500-550g/ is commonly used, and the 800g/ glass fiber needle felt is used when the temperature is less than 250 ℃.


When the moisture content is large and the dust concentration is high, waterproof, oil-proof filter material or membrane filter material should be used.


 When the dust gas contains acid, alkalinity and temperature ≤ 190 ℃, it is often used to use MTS needle felt, and when the gas temperature is ≤ 240 ℃ and the requirement of acid and alkali resistance is not high, P84 is often used.


When the dust-containing gas is flammable and explosive, the anti-static fiber needle felt is selected; when the dust-containing gas is both moisture and flammable and explosive gas, the water-proof oil-proof electrostatic fiber tapestry is chosen.


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