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Selection And Application Of Filter Bag For Bag Dust Collector
Jan 30, 2018

Selection of filter bag

The principle of the choice

The bag type dust collector should choose the filter bag according to the dust gas, the nature of the dust and the dust cleaning method of the dust collector, and the following principles should be followed when choosing the filter.

(1) The structure is reasonable and the capture rate is high.

(2) Good peeling, easy to clear ash, and not easy to scale.

(3) The air permeability is suitable, the resistance is low, and the filtration precision is high.

(4) It has sufficient strength and good dimensional stability.

(5) It has good temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance and wide adaptability.

(6) The source of raw materials is wide, and the performance is stable and reliable.

(7) Low price and long life.

Polyester filte media

Polyester filter media is usually used in low temperature situations, usually do not need membrane. Only when the emission requirement is less than 30 mg/Nm3, or dust is very fine, humidity is higher only.


PTFE, also known as Teflon, is a kind of strong microporous material. The pore size is 0. 1 μ m ~ 2. 0 μ m and porosity is more than 80%. It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. It can not be corroded in sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and uranium pentafluoride, and can be used for a long time at 200 ~ 250 . There are also good electrical insulation and smooth surface properties. PTFE filter materials are often treated with membrane or needling to improve dust removal efficiency and prolong service life.


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