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Selection And Application Of Filter Bag
Jan 31, 2018

Nomex fabric (Meta-aramid fabric)

Nomex filter material can be used in situations with higher temperature and coarse dust particles. Meta-aramid felt has better resistance to high temperature compared with glass fiber and can use higher injection pressure. The same pulse valve can be injected into more filter bags.

Glass fiber Cloth

Glass fiber material has good high temperature resistance, tensile resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and hydrophobicity, but glass fiber filter material has the disadvantages of not folding, easy breakage during installation and operation, no high pressure ash removal, and high requirement for bag cage. However, under the existing scientific and technological conditions, glass fiber has been widely used abroad, especially in Europe and the United States, because of its good finishing and the application of membrane technology.

P84 fabric

The P84 filter bag is a filter material made from the fibers which have excellent comprehensive properties developed by a company in Italy. The high temperature resistance of P84 filter bag is slightly inferior to that of glass fiber. The performance of acid and alkali resistance is good, but its special fiber structure is not usually covered with membrane, so the filtration efficiency is not as good as the filter bag, and because of its high price, it has been used less abroad, especially in the European and American markets.

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