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Requirements For Attention In The Use Of Cages
Aug 09, 2018

The dust cage used by the dust collector generally needs to be noted that the skeleton itself can not have burrs, welding broken solder joints, and Tianyu can also handle the cages, such as galvanizing, in order to prevent the dust collector skeleton from being affected by the operating environment during the use process, early corrosion and fracture, which affects the efficiency of dust removal and the operation of the whole dust collector.

And whether there is no burr on the dust removal framework determines whether the dust filter bag life longer. The burr will cause scratch, scraping, and dust filter bag damage in the process of dust removal, the dust accumulated during the whole dust removal process will be discharged with the wound, and the whole dust removal equipment must stop operation at this time, which is very harmful to the dust removal. Efficiency and the entire production process.

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