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Pulse Bag Precipitator: How To Prevent Air Leakage And Bag Paste?
Jun 01, 2018

The pulse bag filter is a very popular deduster at the moment. When you use it, you find that the discharge of the exhaust cylinder behind the pulse bag dust collector begins to take the ash, and the amount of dust begins to increase. At this time, you need to check the dust bag and check if it is damaged or not. The problem is whether the temperature is too high to cause the paste bag and so on. Generally, the expansion ring is embedded in the hole of the cloth bag dust collector, and the dust chamber of the medium box is strictly distinguished from the net air chamber of the upper box through the pulse bag dust collector flower board. If there is a gap between the bloating and the flower plate holes, it will lead to the inclusion. The dust gas enters the net gas chamber of the pulse bag filter directly, so the ash outlet will start to ash.


At this time, it is necessary to check the installation of the bag of pulse bag dust collector one by one, tight the gap, repair or replace the broken in time. The damage to the filter bag will cause the dust-containing gas to be discharged directly, and the exhaust tube will emit smoke. Determine which chamber of the pulse bag filter is damaged, and then replace it. It is suggested that the filter bags of the same pulse bag filter should be replaced at the same time to ensure their common resistance.


Once the temperature of the gas is lower than the dew point, the water vapor condenses and dew occurs, and the filter bag is moistened. A large amount of dust is adhered to the surface of the cloth bag, which clogs the pores, resulting in the pulse bag dust filter can not be removed by the injection of compressed air, resulting in the phenomenon of bag paste. The pulsating bag dust collector has lost the function of cleaning ash, the resistance will become bigger, and the running state will deteriorate gradually. If you want to prevent the pulsating bag dust catcher from getting out of the bag, you must keep the temperature of the treated gas higher than the dew point of about 25 ℃ -35 ℃. When dealing with high temperature or high humidity gas, Temperature detection and alarm devices should be installed at the entrance of the pulse bag dust collector to monitor and monitor. At the same time, materials such as rock wool and other materials should be added to the shell to keep them warm. Before the dust removal system stops running, The wet gas in the pulse bag dust collector must be discharged, and the dry air should be replaced to prevent the condensation of the pulse bag filter.


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