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PTFE Filter Bags
Jul 17, 2018

With the gradual improvement of industrial exhaust emission standards, bag dust removal technology has been rapidly developed. With the increase of the dusting project of electric bag, the demand of high end filter media is increased, and the manufacture technology and production capacity of PTFE filter bag are developed rapidly. In particular, PTFE dust catcher bag in power generation coal-fired boiler dust removal project 100 PTFE dust remover bag in the garbage incineration project achieved good results after the PTFE dust collector bag in these two fields of application, has accounted for To a pivotal position, As a result, the market supply of fiber materials shows a trend of rapid growth.


Because of the localization of the manufacture technology of cloth bag materials for PTFE dust catchers and the domestic fluorite resources with superior reserves in our country, And increasingly mature fluorine chemical technology, PTFE duster bag materials are no longer the kind of high-price materials that could not be reached in the past. In the case of the largest amount of chopped staple fibers, prices that have fluctuated between $160,000 and $200,000 over the past two years have become affordable and good materials for the bag dust removal industry. A breakthrough has been made in carding technology of PTFE duster bag carding technology and composite fiber carding technology containing PTFE precipitator bag. Therefore, the performance of PTFE filter material, the application performance of PTFE filter material and the future development trend of bag dust removal industry will become a kind of functional material with strategic resource status.














































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