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Properties And Characteristics Of PTFE Chemical Fibers
Jul 13, 2018

So far it is the best chemical resistant fiber found all over the world. It is extracted from fluorite. China is the world's largest producer of fluorine raw materials.

2, its fiber melting point 327, instant temperature resistant to 300 3, PTFE fiber with good low friction, refractory burning and good insulation and insulation.

4, can withstand a variety of Oxidation corrosion of strong oxide and no hydrolysis reaction at all.

 5, a large number of applications in waste incineration and dust removal in the future will be widely used in the combustion of high sulfur coal dust removal conditions.

6, with good filtration efficiency and good cleaning performance. Even in the case of high temperature, the surface also adhered to only a small amount of dust.

7 Under the same operating conditions, the life of the filter material will be more than 1-3 times higher than that of other materials. It has a high cost performance.

As the amount of use is expanded, the cost will be further reduced to acceptable prices.

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