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Properties And Characteristics Of PPS Chemical Fibers
Jul 12, 2018

PPS is a high temperature resistant synthetic fiber. Its good temperature tolerance and chemical stability are determined by its simple chemical structure. Each aromatic ring interacts with a corresponding sulfur atom, and this structure is extremely stable. Because its geometry is symmetrical and highly linear, PPS can easily crystallize very quickly and can reach a very high grade. Thus, a very high melting point (285 ℃) was shown. It has excellent heat resistance. In addition, its flame-retardant, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and so on are extremely outstanding, with various characteristics as high performance fiber. It can withstand the temperature of 190C continuously and resist the chemical corrosion of many acids, bases and oxidants. The most important thing is that PPS fibers do not hydrolyze, so Nomex fibers can be replaced by Nomex fibers under wet, chemical (such as sulphur oxide) conditions. PPS felts have a moisture absorption rate of 0.6 and a much higher temperature than polypropylene does. Typical uses are municipal waste incinerators utility boilers coal fired boilers hospital incinerators and pulse bag filters used in cogeneration boilers. It can also be used to replace other synthetic fibers that cannot withstand high temperatures or have chemicals and moisture resistance

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