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Properties And Characteristics Of Polyester Chemical Fibers
Jul 11, 2018

Polyester needle punched felt is the main filter material in filtration materials. The moisture absorption of polyester fiber is very poor, the moisture regain is 0.4-0.5kum under standard condition, and the moisture regain is 0.6-0.8at relative humidity 100C. Therefore, the properties of polyester fiber have little change in dry or wet state. It provides good resistance to most of the atmosphere at room temperature. The polyester fiber has high strength and good elastic recovery property, its strength is 3.52-5.28 CN-dtex. the breaking elongation is 30-40.The fabric size is stable, the strength is high, the elongation is large, and the elastic recovery property is good. Therefore, the polyester fabric has good wear resistance. The heat resistance of the polyester fiber is about 80C, the melting point is 255-265C, the burning temperature is 450C 230-240C, and the strength loss caused by short heating at 170C can be recovered. So polyester fiber at room temperature has a very good performance. Can work continuously at 135 C, so it is the most cost-effective medium at low temperature. Polyester is a Polycondensation polymer, containing ester bonds in macromolecules, so it is not alkali-resistant and easy to hydrolyze, especially at high temperature. Polyester is acid-resistant, insoluble in organic acids, and stable to low concentrations of inorganic acids at low temperature. However, it can be dissolved in concentrated sulfuric acid and heated mesoformic acid, which is stable to general organic solvents.

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