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Needle Punched Felt Finishing
Aug 10, 2018

1. The easy cleaning treatment is usually mirror surface treatment or fine denier fiber layer needle prick on the cloth surface. The fabric has high quality ash removal performance and can work for a long time under higher filtration speed.

2. PTFE membrane


If the particle size of dust is less than 1 micron, or the dust has great adhesion, or the humidity of gas is high, the ordinary filter material can not be effectively filtered. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the raw material not only has a high filtration accuracy but also has a smooth surface which can not adhere to dust and is easy to remove ash. At the same time the dust will not penetrate into the inner of the filter material.


3. Heat set

In addition to the dust bag for post-treatment, we also to the dust bag for heat-setting. The purpose of heat setting is to eliminate the residual stress in the process of filter bag processing and to stabilize the size and smooth the surface of the filter bag. If the size of the filter bag is not stable, the filter bag will easily deform in the process of use, which will increase the friction between the filter bag and the keel, and the keel in the filter bag will be difficult to draw out, which will lead to the phenomenon of dust accumulation.

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