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Limit State Of Filter Cloth
Aug 29, 2017

  Limit State of filter cloth

  1. The limit state of the filter cloth means that the structure or component can meet the critical condition of a functional requirement of the design, and beyond this state structure or component can no longer meet the design requirements.

  2. The ultimate state of bearing capacity is the limit state of the structure or the component to reach the maximum carrying capacity or the deformation which is not suitable for carrying on.

  3, the normal use limit state is the structure or the component achieves the normal use the limit state when the limit value.

  How does the mechanical properties of the filter cloth affect the selection?

  Mechanical properties are filter Buchula performance, wear resistance, elongation, elasticity of the general term, different filtration equipment on the tensile properties of filter cloth, wear resistance, elongation, elasticity and other requirements are not the same. Filter Cloth selection, should be based on the type of filter to select the types of filter cloth.

  such as belt type vacuum filter machine, no reason filter cloth mobile box filter press, Folding belt discharge type rotary drum vacuum filter equipment, such as filter cloth must bear a larger pull, so, for these filtering equipment selection filter cloth, filter cloth tensile performance is better.

  The elongation rate reflects the ability of the filter cloth to allow deformation. For example, the filter cloth used in the box filter press and the plate-frame filter press has a certain deformation, which requires that the selected filter cloth has good elasticity. The good or bad of the filter cloth can be judged from the tensile and elongation automatic record curve in the process of the filter cloth stretching, and the breaking elongation rate is also one of the reference indexes.

  Wear resistance is one of the life index of filter cloth. In some filtering equipment, although the tension of filter cloth is small, but the filter cloth and some parts of the equipment or at the feeding port there is a certain friction, affecting the service life of filter cloth. such as scraper removal filter cake filter, plate frame or box-type press filter around and feed mouth parts have a certain amount of friction, the equipment used in the filter cloth requires better wear resistance.

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