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Introduction To The Main Structure Of Pulsed Bag Precipitator
Apr 12, 2018

The box body is mainly used for fixing the dust removal skeleton, filter bag and air path element, and makes a fully closed form. When cleaning ash, compressed air enters the box body first, and then into the inside of each filter bag.There are manhole repair doors at the top, installation and replacement of bag cages, and dust removal and filter bags are all carried out here, which is very convenient. According to the different specifications, the box body is divided into several rooms, each of which is separated by steel plate and does not breathe.In order to realize off-line ash cleaning.Each room is equipped with a lift valve to switch the filter flow.

(2) the bag room is located in the lower part of the box and is mainly used to accommodate the pouch cage and the dust-removing bag, and to form a filtering space, where the purification of the flue gas is mainly carried out, and like the box, it is also divided into several rooms according to the different specifications.The compartments are separated to prevent the interferences between the chambers during ash cleaning and to form a certain settlement space at the same time.

(3)The ash hopper is arranged in the lower part of the bag chamber. In addition to storing the collected dust, it is also used as the intake main (lower air intake mode). When the dusty gas enters the bag chamber, it enters the ash hopper first, because of the larger volume of the ash hopper,The speed of the airflow is reduced, and the direction of the airflow changes, so that the coarse dust particles are separated here, and the lower part of the ash hopper is arranged with a screw conveyor or an air chute, etc.The outlet is also equipped with rotary unloading device or flip-plate valve, such as air lock equipment, can continue to discharge ash.

According to the structure of the dust collector, the inlet and outlet of the inlet and outlet are divided into two types: the air inlet of the No. 32 series is cylindrical, which is welded directly on the side plate of the ash hopper, and the air outlet is arranged in the lower part of the box and the side of the bag chamber.Through lifting valve plate hole and box internal communication, other series of inlet and outlet made into one, arranged in the bag room side, box and ash hopper.In the middle, two parts, the inlet and the outlet, are separated into two parts, one is the inlet and the other is the air outlet. Although the volume of the structure is larger, the air flow distribution is uniform, and the pre-dust removal effect in the ash hopper is good, which is suitable for use in the situation where the dust concentration of the flue gas is high.

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