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Inspection And Treatment Steps Of Pulse Jet Cleaning Dust Bag
Aug 20, 2018

1. Determination of the location of damaged bag

By closing the lifting valve of the clean chamber, observing the change of the discharge concentration at the outlet of the chimney, if the discharge concentration at the outlet of the chimney decreases or disappears, then there is a broken bag in the chamber. Close the lift valve in the room and continue to close the lift valve in the next room until all the broken bags are located.


2. Finding out the concrete position of damaged cloth bag in Indoor

Open the door of the broken bag room, you can see clearly on the floral plate, lifting valve hole near the dust. With a flashlight from the mouth of the bag cage to the inside, the bottom of the bag with ash may be a bad bag, with chalk mark, only to check all the bags. The cloth bag with dust on the tube sheet should be examined carefully. All bags are checked and then processed, do not check one treatment one, otherwise it is easy to destroy the scene, affecting the other bag inspection.


Treatment of broken bag

If no spare filter bag is available, the floral hole may be temporarily closed. The method of temporary closure may include: sealing the upper mouth, or removing the bag cage, and tying the bottom mouth of the cloth bag


matters need attention


Check and process to avoid cleaning time, or shut down, or turn off PLC, at the same time ask for warning, and someone to monitor, in order to ensure safety.


Check the broken bag should make a good record, find out the reasons for the bag break, fundamentally solve the problem. If the bad bag has certain rule, always appears in a certain room or somewhere, should look for the reason of broken bag from the system design and installation, just want to change the bag but can't find the reason.


After all the doors are opened, if no bad bag is found and the outlet discharge concentration is still over the standard, it is possible that the floral plate or flue partition board will be welded or unwelded, and a little attention will be paid to the obvious air leakage and dust sweep marks at the air leak.

In case of bag breakage and leakage welding or unwelding problem, the inspectors should check and deal with them in time and effectively according to the correct method and procedure to ensure that the bag dust collector can meet the discharge standard stably.



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