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Inspection And Treatment Of Pulsed Injection Soot Cleaning Bag Dust House
May 06, 2018

The main contents are as follows:

Firstly, the location of the damaged cloth bag is determined:

Closing the lifting valve of the clean chamber room by room, observing the change of the discharge concentration at the outlet of the chimney, decreasing or disappearing the discharge concentration at the outlet of the chimney, then there is a broken cloth bag in the chamber. Close the lift valve in the room and continue to close the lift valve in the next room until all the broken bags are located.

Second, find the concrete position of the damaged cloth bag in the room: open the inspection door of the damaged cloth bag room, you can clearly see the dust on the flower board and near the hole of the lifting valve. Shine a flashlight from the mouth of the bag cage to the bottom of the bag. The bag with ash at the bottom of the bag can be a bad bag. Mark it with chalk until all the bags are checked. The cloth bag with dust on the flower board should be examined carefully. All bags are checked and then processed, do not find one treatment, otherwise it is easy to destroy the scene, affecting the inspection of other bags.

Third, the treatment of damaged cloth bag: replace the damaged cloth bag, if there is no spare cloth bag, may temporarily close the orifice of the flower plate, the temporary sealing method may include: seal the upper mouth, or take out the bag cage, the bottom of the cloth bag is stuck. After the broken cloth bag is disposed of, dust marks are removed.

 Fourth, cover the broken bag in the room inspection door, the next room of broken cloth bag treatment.

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