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Indian Filtration Industry
Nov 17, 2017

India is the tenth most industrialized country, second largest producer of cement, fifth largest steel producer in the world, ranks forth in the pharmaceutical industry by volume, seventh largest energy producing country, ranks twelfth in the list of world’s top automakers. forth largest producer of agrochemical afterUSA,japan andChinaand ranks sixth in the world in terms of petroleum demand. A rapidly urbanizing economy will require a more stringent outlook to environment, cleaner sources of water, more processed food, and medicines and more robust infrastructure.


Industry highlights


Electricity consumption is currently 600 terawatt hour annually is set to double by next year generating capacity needs to jump by 90giga watt to 241GW with emphasis on nuclear, clear coal, renewable energies.500 Indians still have no access to electricity.


India will become the world’s second largest steel producer by 2012, more than doubling its capacity of 57mn tones to 124mt as part of push being given to assist infrastructure domestically.

Hazardous waste

Generated inIndiais 10mn tone per annum.

Municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste generated inIndiais 90 mn tones annually.


Cement makers to add 50 mn tons of capacity taking installed capacity to 300 mt


Usage of various filters in different industries

Power generation

Bag house, pleated dust cartridges, face mask, vacuum clearner, disposable liquid cartridges, and membrance filters food


Bag house, face mask, vacuum cleaner


Bag house, face mask, vacuum cleaner, vacuum pressure filters, membrane filters

Waste management and others

Bag house, vacuum pressure filters, membrane filters


The various segments for filter media

Bag house filtration

Growth drivers

This segment is growing at a cagr 9%,used majorly in industries like cement, steel,power,cpi and incinerators which are bound to show double digit growth in the times to come

It is single largest segment for filter media amounting to 30mnusd.outlet emissions are becoming tighter so the need is increasing.Meta aramid, PPS, PTFE, P84 fabrics are seeking good market share.

Nonwoven media market for filters in India

Woven textiles are being superseded by nonwovens in many categories of filtration in Inida where woven were the preferred choice on account of their technical advantage and lower cost.

More prevalent for dry air filtration. in liquid filtration in many categories there is potential as complete filter elements are being imported.

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