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Identification Method Of Filter Cloth
Aug 29, 2017

  Identification method of filter cloth

  Identification filter cloth, we must first understand the filter cloth several main technical indicators. Among them, density, thickness, weight, permeability, fracture strength and so on. More practical with density, thickness and weight, permeability.

  1, see First: (Filter cloth color) speaking, large chemical fiber filter cloth white, luster is good. Small chemical fiber filter cloth slants dark, gray, still have some filter felt such as Nomex, Color slants yellow. Long fiber filter cloth, smooth surface, bright ze good, short fiber filter cloth surface with hair. (The texture of the filter cloth), such as twill, tabby, these lines can also help you determine the model. Because some specifications are different, the specifications will be different.

  2, again said: The main is to determine the thickness of the filter cloth, it is best to take a small piece of weighing (per square meter grams).

  3, then burn: one of the polyester burning up to run black smoke, polypropylene fiber burning up green light. The others are not allowed to burn.

  4, again touch: (softness) of which the short fiber such as 208,729 like plush flannel, soft. 734, 747, 758, 3927 are the same raw materials are woven, only the thickness, density is different. 3927 very rough, strong, not soft. Softness, and roughness requires you to hold the sample at 1.1 o ' clock and jot it down. Speaking is not clear. Density one is to touch with the hand, the other best count, 10cm has a few strands. The corresponding filter cloth specifications have their own density coefficient, as long as the control can be roughly identified.

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