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How To Reasonably Design The Size Of Dust-removing Bag
Feb 26, 2018

Many factors must be taken into account in determining the size of the filter bag for the dust-removing bag. First of all, the length of the filter bag for the dust-removing bag can be reduced by increasing the filter bag length of the dust-removing bag under the same conditions as the amount of flue gas treated, the speed of filtration and the diameter of the filter bag of the dust-removing bag. Thus reducing the size of the area, reducing the solenoid valve, pulse valve, blowpipe and other parts of the ash removal system, saving investment and shortening the ash cleaning period. But on the one hand, the filter bag is lengthened and the dust collector box should also extend upward. The strength of its components has to be increased and the equipment costs are improved. In order for the full length of the filter bag to be effectively soot removal, it is necessary to apply sufficient energy at the end of the injection. The longer the filter bag, the greater the energy required. The longer the filter bag, the longer the filter bag is, and the larger the weight of the filter material is, the greater the tension is. If the top tension of the filter bag is too large, the line seam may be broken; the longer the filter bag is, the longer the filter bag is when the ash is removed online. The more likely the dust from the filter bag is returned to the filter bag; if the dust is removed from the line, the longer the filter bag is removed, the longer the time of suspension after cleaning is prolonged, and the slower the recovery of filtration in the dust-cleaning compartment; in addition, the longer the filter bag is, the longer the filter bag is installed and maintained. Inspection will be inconvenient; if the dust collector is installed indoors, the length of the filter bag will be limited by the height of the building. From the middle of 50s to the middle of 70s in the 20th century, The length of the dust bag of the pulse dust collector generally does not exceed 3. 6 mm in 80s of the 20th century to the maximum of nearly 5 mgs in the 1990s, to 6 m in the 1990s, and to 8-10 m in recent years, mainly because of the large amount of gas treatment such as the power plant boiler, which prompted the removal of the pulse. The dust filter develops in the direction of increasing the length of the filter bag.

As for the filter bag diameter of the dust-removing bag, it is related to the filter material used. Since all kinds of filter media have their scale widths, to make full use of the filter material, the filter bag diameter should be determined according to the filter material width. For example, a fabric with a width of about 990 mm, Leave the necessary stitches to make two filter bags with a diameter of 152 mm. The diameter of the filter also affects the size of the dust collector. For example, on a ground of about 7.5 m2, use a filter bag of 152 mm in diameter and 3 m in length, The filter area is about 163m2. If you switch to a filter bag with a diameter of 305mm, It takes 4.3 m long to get the same filter area on the same area of the ground. The filter bag thickness is also related to the required ash removal energy and the arrangement of the pulse valve. The longer filter bag in the commonly used pulse dust collector is generally 152mm in diameter; the short filter bag, The diameter is generally 120 or 130 mm.

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