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How To Make The Selected Bag Filter To Play A Greater Effectiveness?
Feb 08, 2018

We often say that the dust removal equipment is also called precipitator, dust collector performance for gas handling capacity of gas through the dust remover of the resistance loss and the dust removal efficiency to express. At the same time, dust collector price, operation and maintenance costs, service life and operation management difficulty also is an important factor to consider its performance the dust remover consists of electrostatic precipitator, dust collector, cyclone dust collector, wet dust collector, desulfurization dust catcher. The most common is the commonly used baghouse filter. Then, how to play a greater effectiveness for catcher choice?


The most obvious effect is gravity, inertia force and centrifugal force precipitator. One thing that all dust collectors have in common is the smaller the amount of accumulation. Therefore, special measures should be taken in operation and equipment structure. According to experience, dust dust with a ratio of more than 10 to dust accumulation is more than 10. Special attention should be paid to the secondary hoisting of dust, such as carbon black dust greater than 46, so its secondary hoisting is very serious, and the separation and capture of dust is also very difficult.


The adhesion of dust and wall to dust adhesion is very complicated, but it is known that it has a large relation to the specific surface area of dust. The specific surface area F of the dust is the surface area of the dust particles per unit volume , and if d indicates the diameter of the spherical dust particles , F will be expressed as follows : the smaller the dust particle diameter d , the larger the specific surface area F , the greater the adhesion . In the cyclone dust collector, the dust is adhered to the wall surface due to centrifugal force, and there is a risk of blocking. Of course, the adhesion of the dust is not only related to the specific surface area, but also to the composition of the dust and the nature of the gas and the characteristics of the adhesion of the dust to each other.


In addition to the correct selection, the maintenance of the dust collector is also very important, so how to maintain it? Timely maintenance and scientific use methods can not only maximize the efficiency of the dust removal equipment, but also prolong the use of the bag for 3-5 months. In the use of the cloth bag, it is necessary to prevent the gas from cooling below the dew point in the bag room. In particular, the use of cloth bags under negative pressure should be paid more attention. In order to prevent condensation, it is necessary to maintain that the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system is higher than its dew point of 25 35 (e.g. 58 at the dew point of an integrated kiln mill), The operating temperature should be above 90 to ensure the good service effect of the filter bag. Because the shell often has air leakage, the temperature of the gas in the bag chamber will be lower than the dew point, the filter bag will be damp, and the dust will not be loosely ground. But sticking to the filter bag, blocking the holes in the fabric, causing the ash cleaning failure, making the pressure drop too big, can not continue to run, some produce paste bag can not work, so the use of scientific norms and reasonable maintenance is the most practical method.


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