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How To Do With Moisture In The Air Flow Of Dust Removal System?
Jul 09, 2018

The moisture in dust containing airflow in dust precipitator may cause serious problems in our dust removal system, including shortening the service life of filter and dust accumulation, resulting in failure of system components or dust accumulation in dust funnel.


In addition, these and other complications caused by moisture will reduce the performance of the dust removal system, thereby increasing the operating cost of the system and affecting the quality of the product. When warm, humid (humid) air in the atmosphere cools, the moisture condenses to form Rain Water. The same thing can happen in our dust removal system. Warm and humid air cools as it flows through the dust removal system, causing water to condense into liquid droplets.


If dust absorbs moisture, it absorbs water and forms sludge that accumulates on the inner surface of the system. This accumulation may cause the ash hopper to fail to discharge normally, and the blade of the hopper rotary gas gate valve to jam. Dust accumulates on the pressure sensor, resulting in the wrong pressure reading, and the dust attached to the inner surface of the pipe. Make pipeline weight and pipe diameter smaller, may lead to pipe failure.


The sludge also accumulates on the surface of the filter, increases the pressure loss of the filter, and reduces the efficiency of the reverse pulse injection or the mechanical oscillator cleaning. The water will weaken the filter media, cause the filter leakage or failure, and allow the dust to pass through the filter. Water can also make the dust back to the product quality standard. It can reduce the productivity, shorten the life of the filter, cause maintenance problems and lead to unstable and unreliable system performance to increase operating expenses. Water in the dedusting system can cause problems even if it does not lead to dewing. In the form of steam, water is smaller than dry air density. If our system components are operating conditions. For the assumption that there is no dry air with no moisture, but our actual airflow contains water, the air flow through our system will be higher than the rated value. This leads to an increase in the energy cost of the system fan at a higher speed, the shortened life of the filter, the instability of the system and the poor performance of the system, which all have a negative impact on our operation.


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