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How To Choose Dust Filter Bag In Lime Kiln
May 02, 2018

As we all know, calcareous kilns use coal as fuel and blast furnace gas, which produces flue gas at a concentration of 2g during calcinations. In the production process, the kiln ash belt machine transportation process, raw material screening, transportation, finished product screening, finished product storage and other production processes, dust volume of 1.5g / m3. The kiln gas temperature is higher, the dust particle distribution is wider, and the viscosity is large. Considering the properties of limestone, the requirements of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength of filter material are not very high, so we should choose filter material with large dust capacity, high efficiency and long service life as far as possible.

 Because the temperature of dust gas in lime kiln is high, the temperature tolerance is an important factor in selecting filter material. According to the dust properties of lime kiln, tianyu recommended the use of needle felt dust filter material. 

Tianyu Needle felt is produced by non-spinning needling method. The felt was made of interlaced fiber needles, and was made by a series of processes such as heat setting, calender and so on. The three-dimensional structure was formed and the surface was smooth and smooth. Needle felt has the following characteristics: high porosity, good permeability, low pressure loss and energy consumption, high purification efficiency, long service life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and strong chemical stability. 

When the moisture content of dust containing gas in lime kiln dust filter bag is small, the needle felt filter bag can be selected according to its temperature when it is not acidic. When the normal temperature is less than 130 ℃, the filter bag can be pricked by 500~550g/ 's polyester fiber needle. When water content and dust concentration of dust in lime kiln are large, waterproof, oil-proof needle felt filter bag (or anti-condensation filter bag) or coated filter bag should be used. When the dust gas of lime kiln contains acid, alkalinity and gas temperature ≤ 190 ℃, the filter bag of PPS polyphenylene sulfide needle felt is often used, and if the gas temperature is less than 240 ℃ and the requirement of acid and alkalinity is not too high, the PTFE needling filter bag should be used. Under the condition that the flue gas temperature is at normal temperature, when the dust containing gas in the lime kiln is flammable and explosive gas, it is suggested that the dust filter bag of anti-static tapestry should be used if the dust-containing gas has certain water content and is flammable and explosive gas. It is necessary to select water, oil, anti-static taste-fiber needle felt dust filter bag.

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