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How To Achieve The Dust Emission Requirements Of Less Than 15 Mg?
Apr 18, 2018

Now a lot of cloth bag dust collector is in the transformation, but many enterprises do not know the specific standard is? The specific standard stipulated by the state is 30 mg / m3, but many enterprises are defined in 15 mg / m3. This is the test that we put forward to the enterprises that do bag dust remover.

So how can we reach this standard?

Based on years of experience, we should pay attention to the following points: 1.The opening of the flower plate must be cut by laser, so the accuracy of the cut out is relatively high. The dust bag must be made in combination with this size, and there is no deviation.If there is a deviation, it will result in the dust passing between the dust bag and the gap, which will affect the discharge standard of the bag dust collector.

2. The floral plate of the bag dust collector must be smooth and smooth when welding, there must be no leakage welding or gap, the condition can be tested with phosphor or pressure, especially the weld of the middle box and upper box of the bag filter, must not leak air.

3.The dust removal bags used need to be covered with film, because the dust particles allowed through the dust bags behind the peritoneum are only a few microns in size, and the slightly larger dust does not pass at all. There is also the time when the bag dust collector is designed.Be sure to control the wind speed of the dust collector, in the case of no more than 1 meter wind speed can meet the dust emission requirements of 15 mg

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