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How Long Does The Dust-removing Bag Need To Be Replaced?
Apr 23, 2018

For bag dust collector, the maintenance of dust bag is not to be ignored. Because the performance of the dust-removing bag directly affects the use effect of the dust collector, it is important to do the maintenance work of the dust-removing bag well, which can prolong the performance and life of the cloth bag, thus directly saving the cost of maintenance and replacing the cloth bag. Synthetically, the dust removal effect is good, saves the cost, can make the customer obtain the big benefit. In general, most of the conditions are replaced once every 2 years, with the exception of special high temperature, high sulfur and so on. 

Dust bag manufacturers rank gradually worn, the main causes of wear are grinding force of dust, filter material deterioration and chemical corrosion caused by high temperature. When dust grinding force is very strong, the wear at the bottom of cloth bag is the most serious. The increase of system capacity can also accelerate the wear and tear due to the increase of filtration speed.

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