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Filtration Accuracy Of Filter Cloth
Aug 29, 2017

  Filtration Accuracy of filter cloth

  Filtration accuracy is defined as the allowable solids content (i.e. filtrate turbidity) and the maximum particle diameter in filtrate. The selected filter cloth must meet the filtration accuracy specified in the production process. The index of reaction filtration precision is bubble aperture, maximum through diameter and initial filtrate turbidity (the larger the pore size of filter cloth is, the larger the initial filtrate turbidity is). It indicates that the bubble aperture has two indexes, that is, the maximum drum diameter and boiling bubble aperture. For the filter cloth, the most drum bubble diameter and the maximum through the size of the relationship between the size of the filter cloth thickness and other factors, the maximum bubble diameter is about 2-4 times the largest diameter.

  When selecting filter cloth, the difference between the maximum through diameter and the particle size needed to be intercepted in the material should be suitable. In the filtration process, there are generally filter cake formation, in the initial filtration process is mainly filter cloth filtration, once the cake layer formed, particles and particles formed bridging between the filter cake layer and filter cloth at the same time filtration, when filtrate through the filter cake layer, some fine particles have been filter cake interception, at this time the filtration accuracy will be higher than the filtration process of the initial filtration accuracy, so for the filtration accuracy of the high concentration of material is not too high filtration, in the filter Cloth selection, the selected filter cloth of the largest through-grain cake through the short-circuit.

  Besides the maximum aperture of filter cloth, it is also important to pay attention to the pore uniformity of filter cloth, which indicates whether the filtration characteristics of filter cloth are consistent. However, it is very difficult to accurately determine the pore size and distribution of the filter cloth. This feature can be described simply by the ratio of boiling bubble aperture to the maximum bubble diameter, and the ratio is closer to 1, which means that the uniformity of the pore size of the filter cloth is better. In the selection of filter cloth, we should consider the choice of uniform pore filter cloth.

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