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Filter Cloth Is Widely Used In Many Industries
Aug 29, 2017

  Filter cloth is widely used in many industries, and today we are talking about its role in solid state separation.

  Filter cloth plays a very important role in the separation of solid state, in food and beverages, such as beer companies used to filter beer, wine companies used to filter the way wine, cider Wine Company used for the filtration of wine, wine company used to worry about the way of sake and so on, these are the need to filter cloth to worry about. In addition, there are differences in the non-staple food industry, bottled water filtration, tea beverage filtration, soy milk filtration, monosodium glutamate filtration and other foods additives for processing and manufacturing decontamination process or aseptic treatment.

  The application of filter cloth in bioengineering and medicine is more important: we often see infusion (LVP and SVP) pharmaceutical medical water, generally used in the process of gas, general biological related products commonly used in blood products plasma and serum, and a variety of intermediates used in medicine, Filter cloth the common use of pharmaceutical related raw materials, often practical solvent filtration, usually used in fermentation tank filtration system and its tail gas elimination bacteria.

  Applied in petrochemical and chemical industry above some lubricating grease, there are a variety of fuel coal and ordinary oil products catalysts, viscose polymer, Filter cloth resin and hydrogen peroxide use, separation and recycling of valuable intermediate products such as chemical industry, such as aluminum smelting industry and so on. In addition, there is a large application in automobile manufacturing: The general spray-painting treatment electrophoresis, the treatment of liquid surface paint and ultrafiltration water use, Filter cloth used for automotive engine bending refrigeration liquid filtration and so on.

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