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Filter Cloth After Use Hardens, How To Handle?
Aug 29, 2017

  Filter cloth After use hardens, how to handle?

  Filter cloth Under the general circumstances have a certain service life, because the quality of the filter cloth is different, so the length of time is not the same, the use of regular manufacturers or imports, filter cloth life will become longer.

  The filter cloth hardens, is because the filter cloth's stereo reticular fiber fills the solid crystallization in the middle, now the filter cloth structure Many is the three-dimensional net weaves. Solution: After each (or a certain period of use) using the filter cloth, according to the washing procedure, clean once, and then use high-pressure water cannon to spray the entire screen surface (pay attention to the use of water gun safety, close to 100kg/cm2 pressure), and then cool dry standby.

  The reason why the filter cloth breaks

  1, the filter cloth breaks the switch, the filter cloth offset switch does not stop after the alarm, the equipment switch has the flaw, has not played the protection function.

  2, the equipment department related specialty to the accident reason analysis as follows:

  ⑴ Filter Cloth Break switch, filter cloth offset switch after the alarm is not stopped, the filter cloth rupture for a sudden occurrence, avoid the logic set delay time (2s) downtime, after the equipment department arranged on the switch test, the two switches can be normal action.

  ⑵ dewatering belt Conveyor for frequency control, the operating frequency is 60%, the corresponding filter cloth rate is 5.4m/min, through historical data and video, the dehydration machine under the mouth has obvious plugging phenomenon, and then began to filter cloth discount, indicating that at this time the dehydration machine filter cloth has been Fanka, but not yet stuck dead. From the break alarm to the second belt machine in the middle of the tail to see black rubber, Time is close to 4 minutes, and the belt running distance basically coincide. Through the above analysis, it is indicated that the filter cloth breaks the alarm, the filter cloth is broken, and the filter cloth slides to the lower material port on the belt.

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