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Filter Bags Selection Of Smoke Dust In Steelmaking Plant (slag Grinding System)
Mar 14, 2018

Operating condition analysis:

(1) the dust particles are fine, and the grinding slag can only take part in the hydration reaction to improve the activity when the fine slag is ground to a certain fineness, but it is also related to the particle composition, and the fine particles have a large surface area, so the specific surface area of different mineral powders is analyzed. Under the specific surface area stipulated by the standard, the slag less than 10 micron particles accounts for 5%, which is more than fly ash. It can be seen that the slag fine powder is small and suspends strongly in the waste gas, which brings great difficulty to dust removal.

2) The dust concentration is high. Whether in ball milling or vertical grinding, the dust concentration of dust in slag grinding system is high, which is generally 400-1000g / m ~ (3. 3)) dust moisture content is high. Sometimes as much as 15-20, the water is difficult to remove before grinding. In the grinding process, a large amount of heat will be generated, and the vertical mill will be heated by a hot air stove to give heat to the mill. At the same time, the superfine powder machine which enters the dust collector with the exhaust gas is easy to cause the phenomenon of condensation and paste bag.

(2) Selection conclusion: water repellent oil filter bag and water repellent oil repellent membrane filter bag for polyester needle felt.

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