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Filter Bags Installation
Jun 20, 2018

1.The filter bag should be kept away from the source of fire, moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light, and prevent heavy objects from squeezing. Each filter bag should be checked before installation to prevent mechanical damage.

2.Installers should dress carefully, clean their pockets and not carry items such as cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and so on, to avoid falling into the filter bag. If you drop debris into a filter bag, you must remove it. Do not wear shoes with iron nails or rigid soles for installation. The person who installs the filter bag must be fixed, the responsibility is clear, each person makes the record to own installs the filter bag, and signs on the record book.

3.Installation environment requirements: installation of on-site lighting enough, the scene is not allowed to store with installation 4.During the installation of the filter bag, smoking is prohibited, welding and cutting in any form and any part is strictly prohibited. Under the condition of power failure, it is strictly prohibited to use lighter, matches and other fire lighting. After the installation work is finished every day, the installation tools must be counted. Do not omit to fall into the filter bag to damage the filter bag.

4.Installation of filter bag requirements: it is recommended that two people install, one person will fold the bag longitudinal into the orifice, the other person will seize and open the rolled filter bag. Cage frame should be aligned with the center, gently put in, installation to ensure vertical.

5.Filter bag installation check: every filter bag is installed to check whether the joint seams are sealed, the sealing position is correct. Check the vertical from the ash bucket, if it is found that the bottom of the filter bag is touched or incorrect, it should be recorded in time and down directly.

6.After installation, the tube sheet should be gradually covered with canvas to avoid sundries falling into the filter bag. Spray pipe installation should also cover the flowers with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag top.

7.Special attention should be paid to: nozzle orifice, Venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, dust filter bag, flower plate, the center of the five parts should be consistent, the deviation is less than 2 mm. Usually the bag cage and the filter bag match very closely. However, if the size of the pouch or filter bag is too small, the size of the bag cage or filter bag should be checked, and the bag or filter bag of the wrong size shall be scrapped. (end-of-life filter bag or bag cage should be returned to the supplier in time) when the filter bag is installed, if a bag holder is used to protect the filter bag, the bag opening spring ring is compressed by hand to minimize the contact surface with the flower plate hole, so that the spring rising ring bayonet is just embedded in the flower plate hole, Attention to the bag of dust collector: after the bag cage is installed on the flower board, it is necessary to do visual inspection inside the gray hopper to see if the bottom of the bag is in contact with the steel plate of the peripheral box, so as to prevent the filter bag from being worn out during operation. Extra care should be taken at the beginning of installation to prevent damage to the bag of the dust collector. Tools with sharp edges, such as screwdrivers, cannot protrude from toolkits, covering or removing everything with quick ports. Do not stand or kneel on the filter bag when installing the filter bag to prevent foot or weight from pressing on the installed filter bag. Avoid damaging the filter bag before installing it. All filter bags should be seamed in the same direction (back to air inlet). Warm tip: the bag and cage of dust collector should be kept indoors. After installation and cleaning, the inspection door should be closed. After installation, welding, cutting or polishing are not allowed.





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