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Filter Bag Phosphor Powder Leak Detection
Apr 10, 2018

After the filter bag has been installed, the bag filter shall be "detected by phosphor power", which is divided into the following steps:

a.Under the condition that the main fan operates with the designed air volume (the specific load varies according to the form of the dust collector, and the ash removal system stops operation, theThe light powder is applied to the opening of the inlet duct of the dust collector with a filtration area of 5-10 g per square meter.

b.The input position of the phosphor powder should be about 8 m away from the inlet of the dust collector (pipe distance), otherwise, the phosphor should be considered from Input of the ash hopper

c.After the phosphor is put into the dust collector, the fan should be kept running for at least 20 minutes to ensure that the phosphor is evenly distributed on the filter bags in the dust collector.

 D.After the phosphor has been put in, close the main fan, open the top cover of the dust collector, and use fluorescent lamp to carefully detect the join place of the tube sheet in the cleaning room. And also the filter bag and tube sheet bayonet. The darker the ambient brightness is, the more helpful the leak detection is.

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