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Filter Bag Body Wear
Sep 03, 2018

Apart from the wear of the bag body of the dust-cloth bag, the common vertical stripe wear marks in the middle of the filter bag are divided into several situations: if the damage marks are from the inside to the outside and are damaged at the contact of the vertical bars of the bag cage, it is indicated that the vertical bars of the bag cage are welded or corroded. When the filter bag is grinded or blown too high the pressure is too high and the injection is too frequent so that the contact position between the filter bag and the bag cage is folded and broken resulting in breakage. This wear problem can be solved by replacing the bag cage or adjusting the injection device. If the damage marks from the outside to the inside, damaged in the bag cage vertical contact. It is often seen that the outside of the filter bag (adjacent filter bag or box member) with the filter bag grinding marks. This kind of wear is caused by the deformation of the bag cage or the small installation of the filter bag, the larger or looser diameter of the filter bag, which results in contact between the filter bag and the filter bag, and the contact between the filter bag and the box member of the dust collector, and the wear is caused by the friction between the filter bag expansion and the filter bag during the backblowing process. Generally need to replace the bag cage, and ensure the quality of installation. In the design of bag filter, the distance between filter bag and box structure should be avoided.


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