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Factors That Influence The Service Life Of Dust Filter Bag 2
Jun 18, 2018

Acid gases


In industrial dust removal, due to the delay of coal combustion, the flue gas not only contains dust but also contains acid gas mainly so 2. Because the flue gas contains water vapor to form strong acid, strong acid is corrosive, strong acid will penetrate into the fiber, and the higher the operating temperature, the faster the chemical corrosion rate. So the content of so _ 2 is one of the essential factors in working condition analysis.


Alkaline corrosion


In the third element, about dust analysis, the smoke contains a lot of alkaline substances, such as: Cao, MgO, and so on. It belongs to the deliquescent dust, and its diameter is very small, so it is easy to enter the fiber under the action of wind speed. Some of them are discharged directly into the air, but some of the dust remains in the fiber to block the filter hole, and at the same time, there is water vapor in the flue gas. The filter bag can not be breathable after the combination of moisture and moisture dust, and the normal service life of the filter bag is affected.


oxygen content


It is not surprising that the smoke contains oxygen, but the oxygen content and temperature must be considered for different filter bags. When oxygen exists in the filter bag at the limit temperature, oxygen will oxidize it slowly, which will make the filter bag green and brittle, thus directly reducing the service life of the filter bag.


air flow distribution 


The unreasonable distribution of airflow will affect the normal use and service life of the filter bag. If the airflow distribution of the filter bag dust collector is not reasonable, the local airflow will be too large. If the filter bag works in this condition for a long time, it will cause damage to the filter bag, So the distribution of airflow can not be ignored. Usually a guide plate can be designed in the filter bag to change the direction of the airflow and avoid the direct scouring of the filter bag.


In a word, the analysis of working condition is difficult and has many uncertainty. The change of any factor will affect the life of the filter bag. In condition analysis, users are required to provide real relevant information, which helps producers to produce reasonably.



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