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Factors That Influence The Service Life Of Dust Filter Bag
Jun 15, 2018

In industrial dust removal and purification, due to the different characteristics of iron and steel, cement, power generation,waste incineration and other industries and different operating conditions of enterprises, there are many factors that affect the life of dust removal filter bag. The working condition usually refers to the surrounding environment attached to the filter bag operation. What material to choose, what kind of filter bag depends on the working conditions, and what kind of conditions should be selected to match the filter material. Only in this way can the life of the filter bag reach maximum. In the industrial flue gas dust removal, there are some factors that affect the life of the filter bag.


flue gas quantity



Due to the unselected classification of raw coal before use, many kinds of coal are very mixed, coal is mixed and the content is different, mainly its calorific value, sulfur content and volatilization are difficult to distinguish. Our high quality coal, such as raw coal, poor coal and white coal, can reach more than 5000 calories, the volatilization is about 17%, the ash component is small, and the most It can be seen that the different kinds of coal make the difference between the calorific value, the volatilization and the carbon powder. The smoke produced after the coal combustion will enter the dust collector through the pipe, and the size of the inlet flue gas will directly affect the use period of the filter bag. As the pressure of the bag house rises, the pressure of the filter bag increases and the dust filter bag is damaged. Because of the selection of coal, the size of the smoke is determined, and the size of the smoke is directly affected by the time limit for the use of the filter bag.


dust particles


Because of the different types of coal selected, the amount of dust in the flue gas is different. When the dust enters the dust collector, the dust with large diameter falls down with gravity or falls off under the interception of the dust filter bag because of the different diameters of the dust and the different weight of the dust. The dust with small particle size produces kinetic energy under the action of wind speed. When the dust is intercepted by the filter bag, the dust is gathered on the surface of the filter bag, and the kinetic energy is converted to zero. Under the action of kinetic energy, the dust constantly scour the filter bag, if the dust content in the flue gas is large, The filter bag will endure thousands of times of friction and scour when the wind speed is large, which will make the surface fiber of the filter bag fall off and destroy the filtration efficiency of the filter bag. The particle size is different, so the impact force on the filter bag is not the same, and the dust also contains a lot of acidic and alkaline substances, and they are all very small in diameter. When they are intercepted by the dust filter bag, they are affected by the filtering wind speed. Still unable to fall off, remains on the dust filter bag surface or into its internal, when combined with water vapor, will stick to paste the filter bag, resulting in chemical changes to form corrosion. Therefore, the size of dust particle size should be considered as an index in selecting dust filter bag. Finally, it can be known that for the working conditions with more dust particles, it is necessary to consider the wear resistance of the needle felt, in order to prolong its own life.


Dust species


ue to the different types of coal, the proportion of dust in smoke dust is different, the dust can be divided into organic dust, inorganic dust and mixed dust according to the composition of matter. According to the analysis of inorganic dust in flue gas, there are mainly elements such as Si02FeAOCaOO-MgO-Mn, among which, the main scour of filter bag is Si02Fe203, their particle size is very small, under the action of wind speed, the scour frequency of dust filter bag is high, and the damage degree of filter bag is increased. According to the analysis of coal, the content of Fea of Sio _ 2 is different in different kinds of coal. For example, the content of Si02 in raw coal and coal is about 55%, but the content of Si02 in coal gangue is more than 60%.




Limit index of temperature


The temperature is one of the important indexes used in the dust - removing filter bag , and the temperature is directly determined by the time limit of the dust - removing filter bag . When the dust removing filter bag is used , the temperature is usually increased by 10 - 20 DEG C . When the dust - removing filter bag is used , the temperature is usually increased by 10 - 20 DEG C at the junction dew point temperature .

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