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Existing Problems And Solutions Of Bag Dust Collector In Biomass Power Plant
Jun 06, 2018

Biomass power generation, with comprehensive economic, ecological and social benefits, has entered a stable stage of development. Although the industry still faces some problems, it is widely believed that biomass power generation has a bright future with appropriate policy, financial and technical support.

Problems of conventional bag Dust Collector-Air leakage and Insulation

Low clean air chamber structure, low cost, convenient maintenance. The main drawback is that the top of the clean air chamber needs to open a full-area overhaul door, which accounts for more than 95% of the top cover of the clean air chamber, and there is a great risk of air leakage. The thermal insulation of the top is limited to the structural form, so it is not possible to achieve full insulation coverage.


This kind of dust collector has no great problem even if it is used in general working condition, but it has serious problem in the boiler of biomass fuel. It has been proved by a great deal of practice that there is no problem in the long-term operation below the panel in the bag chamber of the dust collector, while the air leakage and heat preservation in the low clean air chamber cause serious corrosion, and at the same time, the oxygen content in the flue gas of the clean air chamber is increased, which further intensifies the corrosion effect. It also causes serious corrosion and even structural hazard to the downstream flue gas.

In view of the smoke and dust characteristics of biomass direct-fired boiler, the LCP-B dual-pipe cyclone dust collector GLCDM type high clean chamber bag dust collector used by our company has adopted special guarantee measures to be solved one by one in the design and manufacture of GLCDM high clean chamber bag dust collector.

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