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Effect Of Various Surface Treatment Chemicals On Filter Cloth
Aug 29, 2017

  Effect of various surface treatment chemicals on filter cloth

  1 Silicone Oil

  The use of methyl-wow oil or methyl phenyl silicone oil treatment, can make glass fiber filter cloth has good softness, improve the bending resistance, but, when the gas temperature above 150 ℃, silicone oil will be slowly dispersed reaction, gradually hardened, loss of softness. When the temperature is over 200 ℃, it can deteriorate quickly and the filtration performance is reduced, which is one of the reasons for the breakage of the filter cloth.

  2. Graphite

  It is very smooth, so that the filter bag seems to have self-cleaning effect. Silicon oil is added to the dispersed, extremely fine graphite particles (layered structure, lμm particles below). Graphite has a very good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction coefficient is very small, when the temperature up to 450 ℃, only start oxidation, lower than this temperature, the chemical activity is very small. General to a variety of gases only physical adsorption, and no chemical reaction, no matter acid, alkaline gas, will not corrode. However, graphite on the adhesion of glass fiber is very poor, the use of PTFE binder, can help graphite firmly bonded to the glass fiber, and it itself has a good resistance to wet, corrosion resistance. Graphite, PTFE coating and lubrication, can reduce the dust particles on the glass fiber friction. In the High-temperature glass fiber filter cloth, it is a relatively ideal surface treatment agent. summed up, with the following several functions.

  (1) from the ℃ temperature range of 400 is quite stable, and maintain good lubrication, so it can make silicone oil at high temperature conditions, Qiao has good performance, thus improving the temperature-resistant performance of the filter cloth.

  (2) Graphite has good conductivity, dipped in the stone filter cloth, the resistance is about 3*l03ω, not only can eliminate the production of electrostatic in the process of weaving, but also to prevent the filter bag in the operation of a lifetime of static electricity led to the fire, you can eliminate dust in the filter cloth electrostatic action, reduce filter cloth resistance, improve the stripping of dust, prolong the service life of filter cloth.

  (3) The corrosion resistance of graphite is also very good, to a variety of gases only physical adsorption, and no chemical reaction, will not be acid, sincerity of the corrosion of the gas.

  (4) The graphite particles can produce a reductive atmosphere at high temperature, and thus have a certain protective effect on the oxidation of silicone oil.

  (5) When PTFE is 260 ℃, both physical and chemical properties are stable and the chemical resistance of the filter cloth is improved.

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